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माणिक (Maanik)


The Radiant Jewel of the Sun

"मणिक्यं रत्नराजञ्च सूर्यस्यापि मंडले।"

"Manikya, the king of gemstones, shines in the abode of the Sun"

This verse, found in the Ratnashashtra, extols Ruby's brilliance and its association with the Sun


The name "Ruby" is derived from the Latin word "rubeus", meaning red. This vibrant gemstone has been treasured throughout history for its captivating crimson hue

In Sanskrit, Ruby is known as "Manikya" or "Ratnaraj", both of which signify its regal and royal nature.


Ruby, the gem of love and passion, is associated with Lord Sun (Surya Dev). It resonates with the Sun as its ruling planet, symbolizing power, vitality, and authority


In astrology and gemology, Ruby holds a special place as a talisman for success, wealth, and love. It is believed to enhance one's self-confidence, boost creativity, and strengthen one's determination

  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

  • Attracts fame, wealth, and prosperity

  • Enhances leadership qualities

  • Aids in overcoming obstacles and challenges

  • Promotes love and passion in relationships

Special Offers


Ruby belongs to the Corundum family, with its chemical composition being aluminum oxide (Al2O3), along with traces of chromium that give it its red color.


Common treatments on Rubies include heat treatment to improve color and clarity. This is an accepted practice in the gemstone industry and doesn't diminish the gem's value if disclosed.


Ruby quality is evaluated based on the "Four Cs":

  • Color: The most crucial factor, with pigeon's blood red being the most sought after.

  • Clarity: Fewer inclusions result in higher quality.

  • Cut: Precise cutting enhances the gem's brilliance.

  • Carat Weight: Larger Rubies are rarer and more valuable.

Quality levels range from low to exceptional, with exceptional Rubies being vivid red, almost flawless, well-cut, and of significant size.


The finest Rubies originate from Myanmar (Burma), followed by Sri Lanka, and other regions. Burmese Rubies are renowned for their exceptional quality and vibrant color


Color: Deep red to pinkish-red.
Hardness: 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamonds.
Lustre: Vitreous.
Transparency: Transparent to opaque.
Refractive Index: 1.762 - 1.778.


  • Protect from scratches and hard impacts.

  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals.

  • Clean with a mild soapy water solution and a soft brush.

  • Store separately to prevent scratches.

  • Periodic re-polishing may be necessary.

Ruby, with its fiery allure and astrological significance, has been cherished for centuries. When worn with belief and respect, it can bring prosperity and passion into your life, making it a true jewel of the Sun

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