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 मूंगा (Moonga)



The name "Coral" is derived from the ancient Greek word "korallion", meaning the hard skeleton of marine polyps. Red Coral is named for its vibrant red color, which has captivated cultures for centuries


In Sanskrit, Red Coral is known as "Moonga" or "Pravalak", signifying its intense red hue and precious nature.

"पुखराजं पुष्परागं च पीतम् सप्तरजोऽपि च।"

"Yellow Sapphire, the gem of seven rays, shines like the blooming flower."

This verse, found in ancient Indian texts, extols the vibrant beauty of Yellow Sapphire and its association with the auspicious planet Jupiter

The Vital Flame of Mars


Red Coral, the gem of energy and courage, is linked with the planet Mars (Mangal or Kuja). It symbolizes vitality, protection, and fiery determination

Color: Deep red to pinkish-red

Hardness: 3.5 - 4 on the Mohs scale.
Lustre: Vitreous
Transparency: Opaque.
Texture: Polished and typically not faceted.


Red Coral is not a mineral but a product of marine life. It is primarily composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) with a distinct red or pink color due to the presence of iron oxide


Red Coral is not usually treated, as its natural color is highly valued. It may be polished and shaped for jewelry


The finest Red Corals come from the Mediterranean Sea, especially off the coast of Italy (Sardinia), followed by other regions like Japan and Taiwan. Italian Red Corals are renowned for their intense red color and durability


Red Coral, the vital flame of Mars, is believed to instill courage, energy, and protection in its wearer. When worn with reverence and belief, it can ignite your inner fire and empower you to face life's challenges with vigor, making it a gemstone of remarkable significance

Red Coral

Red Corals appease Lord Kuja. Those who have a weak Mars in their horoscopes and those suffering from the evil effects of Mars due to unfavourable Kuja dasa and bhukthi will benefit greatly. Red Corals instil courage and also helps to cure blood related ailments.


The word or phrase red coral refers to corals of especially the Mediterranean having pink or red color used for ornaments and jewelry, or the hard-stony skeleton of a Mediterranean coral that has a delicate red or pink color and is used for jewelry. See red coral meaning in Sanskrit, red coral definition, translation and meaning of red coral in Sanskrit. Find red coral similar words, red coral synonyms. Learn and practice the pronunciation of red coral


Red Coral: The Gem of Vitality and Protection

Mars presides over the divine assembly as its chief. The Gemstone of Mars is the Red Coral, bestowed upon an individual to assist them in conquering adversaries and enemies, fostering victory and valour.


Mars embodies characteristics of masculinity, authority, aggression, and courage. As a warrior and the leader of the divine assembly, he governs the muscular system, blood, and behaviour. Mars is depicted riding a ram, symbolizing attributes such as muscular strength, combativeness, and the element of fire. In his hands, he wields a sword representing control, a shield signifying security, a lotus symbolizing purity, and a mace denoting strength


Red coral is often associated with passion, strength, and life force. In various cultures, it is considered a symbol of protection and vitality.

Red coral, with its intense red color and cultural significance, is more than just a gemstone; it is a symbol of vitality and protection. Whether worn for astrological reasons or appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, red coral continues to be a gem of choice for those seeking to infuse their lives with energy and courage

Origin Stories in Indian Sanskrit Texts

Red coral, known as "Moonga" in Sanskrit, has a rich history deeply embedded in Indian mythology. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, the origin of red coral is often associated with the mythical "Nine Treasures" (Nava Ratna) churned from the ocean during the "Samudra Manthan." The ocean produced the coral as a divine gift, with its vibrant red hue representing the essence of life force and vitality. The "Garuda Purana" also mentions the protective qualities of red coral, emphasizing its connection to Mars, the planet associated with courage and energy.

Meaning of the Name

The term "coral" is derived from the Greek word "korallion," and in Sanskrit, the gem is referred to as "Moonga." The name signifies the vibrant red colour of the gemstone, which resembles the appearance of the living coral in the ocean

Why Wear Red Coral

Red coral is believed to possess strong protective and energizing qualities. In Vedic astrology, red coral is associated with Mars (Mangal), the planet of action, courage, and vitality. Wearing red coral is thought to enhance one's energy levels, physical strength, and determination. It is also considered effective in countering the malefic effects of a weak or afflicted Mars in the birth chart.

How to Wear Red Coral

 Red coral is often set in a gold or copper ring and worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Some astrologers also recommend wearing it on a Tuesday during the waxing moon cycle (Shukla Paksha) for maximum benefits. It is crucial to ensure that the red coral comes into direct contact with the skin to channel its energies effectively

How to Buy Red Coral

When purchasing red coral, factors such as colour, shape, surface quality, and size should be considered. A high-quality red coral typically displays a uniform, vibrant red colour and has a smooth surface. It is advisable to buy red coral from reputable jewellers or gemstone dealers who provide certification of authenticity

When to Wear Red Coral

 Red coral is especially recommended for individuals with a strong placement of Mars in their astrological charts or those seeking to balance and strengthen their Mars energy. It is often worn during challenging phases or periods associated with the planet Mars (Mangal Mahadasha) for protection and enhanced vitalit

Different Names of Red Coral Gemstone

In Sanskrit, the Red Coral goes by the name Praval, while in Hindi, it is referred to as Moonga. Other widely recognized names for Coral in India include Pravalak, Bhoumaratna, Vidrum, Angarak Mani, and Sinduja. In Persian, it is known as Miranga and Majaan, in Chinese as Sahuhochi, and in Burmese as Taadaa

Mantra - Sacred Chants for Energizing Red Coral

There are two main mantras to energize Red Coral:



   “ॐ अ​ग्निर्मूर्धा दिव: ककुत्पति: पृथिव्या अयम्। अपा रेता सि जिन्वति“


   “Om Agnirmoordhadivah Kakutpati Prithivya Ayam

     Apaang Retaang Si Jinvati Bhoumay Namah”



  “ॐ क्राम क्रीम सः भौमाय नमः |“

  Om Kraang Kreeng Kroung Sah Bhoumay Namah

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